Commercial Property Drainage Problems and Solutions for Business Owners

Commercial Property Drainage Problems and Solutions for Business Ownersfeatured image

Posted on October 25, 2022 by Jeremiah Sooter

If you’re a business owner with a commercial property, it can be easy to overlook property infrastructure before you realize you’ve got a problem. The most common problem areas on commercial property arise from poorly maintained drainage.

Sometimes it helps to understand where problem areas exist to defend the land around your business proactively. With regular inspection and proper grounds maintenance, you can avoid future problems.

Appropriate Drainage Plan

Commercial property owners should develop an adequate drainage plan to tackle water runoff problems. It begins with a review of the topographic survey to identify property runoff zones.

Today, we’ll discuss common problems and solutions that affect water drainage and runoff controls when it comes to

  • Drains and downspouts
  • Adjacent property runoff
  • Landscape grading

Drains and Downspouts

One area that poses the most significant threat to any property is flooding. After all, water is the most destructive force on the planet, and if it’s not managed correctly, it can severely damage buildings and landscaping and even cause serious injury.

To ensure water runoff moves along productively, it’s essential to have a properly installed commercial drainage system. Here are a few common forms of drainage solutions:

  • Trench or channel drains with grated or perforated covers
  • Slot drains
  • Catch basins
  • Pre-slope drains
  • Structural downspouts

Common Problems

A common problem with almost any drain or channel is debris clogs—from environmental or manufactured pollutants. When drainage trenches get placed in-ground, all sorts of foreign material can inevitably clog up a drain. That leads to poor drainage and flooding.

Maintenance Solution

Regular upkeep of these drains can keep commercial properties pristine and functional for business owners. Maintaining these types of gutters and drains to remain free and clear of clogs makes water less likely to pool and stagnate while reducing the chances of groundwater contamination and disease.

Adjacent Property Runoff

Commercial property owners should be aware of adjacent properties. If the water isn’t draining appropriately, it may result in unintended damage or hinder business profits. Installation of adequate drainage for stormwater runoff is a group effort for businesses, especially if your business is downhill.

Commercial drainage installation is a cost of doing business. If owners work together to manage stormwater adequately, it can help sustain profitability and productivity for all business owners in a topographical area.

Landscape Grading

Natural terrain can cause plenty of problems if not correctly graded. Even improperly placed landscape features can be detrimental to the infrastructure of a business and its operating hours.

So, contact a drainage specialist to install aesthetically pleasing features, like berms, swales, raised flowerbeds, and outdoor living spaces for employees or customers.

If features like these get ill-placed according to the natural terrain, your place of business may suffer undesirable consequences. Such as standing or pooling water effects can diminish the property value long-term and may have short-term impacts on your business’s brand or image.

Contact A Local Drainage Expert

If you are searching for a commercial drainage expert, contact the team at Ground Up Services at (417) 439-1009. Their team of drainage experts can assist with adequately grading and installing trench drains, make productive choices for landscaping, and help connect you with surveyors to help you review the terrain topography.

The team at Ground Up Services is a locally owned and operated business with over 15 years of combined experience in managing and installing commercial drainage systems throughout the Four States. In addition, they offer landscaping and lawn care services to help keep the grounds around your business beautiful and functional.

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