What Turfgrasses Grow Best in the Four States Area of Southwest Missouri?

What Turfgrasses Grow Best in the Four States Area of Southwest Missourifeatured image

Posted on July 24, 2022 by Jeremiah Sooter

A right of passage for many homeowners is to have a lawn, but living in the four states area can have some folks wondering what turfgrasses grow best. But there are some essential questions every homeowner needs to consider when choosing a grass.

  1. What type of sun exposure will the grass receive?
  2. How long does it take the grass to establish?
  3. What are the grass tolerances: drought, foot traffic, weather, disease, salinity, shade?

To better understand how to answer these questions, you’ll learn more about the four common grass varieties that grow best throughout the four states of southwest Missouri.

  1. Bermuda Turf
  2. Zoysiagrass
  3. Tall Fescue
  4. Hybrid blends

Common Turfgrasses of the Four States

Common turfgrasses growing throughout the four states are your warm-season and cool-season grasses.

Warm-season Turfgrasses

Warm-season grasses were cultivated for lawns, communities, and golf courses in areas with extreme heat as drought-resistant perennials. Common varieties found throughout southwest Missouri in the four states region are Bermudagrass and zoysiagrass.

Bermuda Turf

Of all the grasses we talk about, Bermudagrass is the most widely used turfgrass across southwest Missouri. Bermuda was initially identified as a weed found in regions of Africa, Australia, and India. Because Bermuda is a proliferate grower, the weed was domesticated for lawns and golf courses. Because Bermuda can quickly establish itself, many brand suppliers sell Bermudagrass seed.

Another reason Bermuda is so well-liked is its dark green color and carpet-like appearance, making it one of the most popular lawn turfs among homeowners in the four states. In addition, Bermuda turf is the ideal warm-season turfgrass, which makes it easy to maintain during drought seasons, like most of the U. S. is experiencing today.


On the other hand, zoysiagrass is widely considered to make the most beautiful lawns for its fine texture, rich-green color, and dense coverage. Although zoysia is not known as a cool-season turf, you’ll often find it blended with a fescue seed that fairs well in cooler temperatures.

Although supply chain issues from COVID-19 impacted many industries, zoysiagrass cultivators and suppliers are reporting uncertainty in production. So, finding this grass in 2022 may prove difficult.

Cool-season Grasses

In direct opposition, cool-season grasses were cultivated for tolerance to colder temperatures. As a result, the tall fescue and many new hybrid blends, like Combat Extreme™, are among southern Missouri’s popular varieties of cool-season grasses.

Tall Fescue

A well-loved cool-season grass throughout the four states is the tall fescue. It is often disease resistant with a low capacity for self-repair. However, it can also tolerate heat and drought and performs well in shady areas

For those looking for an excellent year-round green lawn, a few hybrid blends contain 90% tall fescue seed with 10% bluegrass seed.

Hybrid Blends

As far as hybrid blends go, many cultivators and suppliers offer a variety of hybrid blends for homeowners looking for a year-round green lawn. These are essential options for many homeowners across southwest Missouri since our winter months tend to be mild.

Many hybrid blends contain a cool-season seed like a Kentucky Bluegrass or a Texas Bluegrass. That’s because the perennial Bluegrasses stay green for extended timeframes throughout the winter months.

Hybrid bluegrass is moderately dense with a bright green quality and medium to fine leaf texture.

Landscaper Sources for Your Lawn

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