Top 5 Important Benefits to Regular Lawn Mowing Maintenance

Top Five Important Benefits to Regular Lawn Mowing Maintenancefeatured image

Posted on May 30, 2022 by Jeremiah Sooter

Did you know that providing regular lawn care and maintenance is vital to the health of your lawn? Through consistent lawn care scheduling, your yard can thrive and shine. 

Although, not every homeowner can devote time toward regular lawn maintenance. But there are simple solutions that are affordable and easy to complete just once weekly.

Benefits of Weekly Mowing

You may find it surprising, but five significant benefits are quickly achieved by simply mowing your lawn once weekly.

1. Lawn Nutrients

Like other plants on earth, your grass needs to eat. A process that many of us have heard of is photosynthesis. For grass to grow, it must receive a healthy dose of sunlight.

You expose grass blades to routine sunlight by cutting your lawn weekly to establish a healthier, greener lawn. As an added benefit to your yard, grass clippings left behind supply 25 percent of your lawn nutrients.

2. Pest Control

Aside from the vital nutrients your give to your lawn by having it cut once weekly, you also have a better handle on pest control. The taller grass gets, the better the habitat for disease-carrying pests, like fleas, ticks, and mosquitos.

If you have weekly mowing services, you reduce a hospitable habitat from becoming a breeding ground for pesky insects that could otherwise infest your home.

3. Weed Management

Living in the four-state area from Joplin, Missouri, to Fayetteville, Arkansas, over to Tulsa, Oklahoma, on up to Wichita, Kansas means many homeowners could have any of four varieties of turfgrasses: Bermuda, Bluegrass, Fescue, or Zoysia.

So depending upon whether you have a Fescue or a Bluegrass, consider trimming your lawn between two to three and a half inches in length. If you have a Bermuda or a Zoysia, these two blades of grass are common to golf courses. Bermuda grass can usually be cut between one to two inches, while the Zoysia to a half-inch using a reel mower.

The reason is to help shade the soil from overexposure to the sun. Cut it any shorter than two inches, and you may inadvertently scalp your lawn. That can lead to a diseased property or a widespread weed problem.

4. Healthy Grass

One of the most significant benefits of weekly lawn mowing is to nurture a healthier, thicker, greener lawn. In addition, a well-manicured lawn appearance is an eye-catching showstopper that can be a community positive appeal for drawing in new homeowners to an area.

5. Curb Appeal

A home worth owning is a work in progress for most homeowners. But excellent curb appeal starts with the healthy appearance of a lawn well-loved.

Bonus Benefit

Regular lawn mowing is affordable and more accessible to manage long term. However, once problems begin, getting them back under control can be challenging without investing more time and spending more money. 

Finding A Local Expert

If you find yourself just starting in a new home or struggling with trying to get your lawn into a healthy state, a significant first step begins with reaching out to a lawn maintenance company.

Hiring an expert lawn care company, like the team at Ground Up Services, means you get not just a great-looking lawn cut to specification but a group dedicated to the health of your lawn. They can schedule routine visits each week to cut your property on the same day, weather permitting, of course.

Above all else, they can help reduce your stress and take the worry out of lawn care for you. By scheduling services today with Ground Up Services, you can improve your lawn’s health and your family’s health.