Popular Landscaping Trends Among Homeowners and Businesses for Summer 2022

Popular Landscaping Trends Among Homeowners and Businesses for Summer 2022featured image

Posted on June 10, 2022 by Jeremiah Sooter

Whether a homeowner or a business owner, you may be thinking about what to do with your existing landscape. But where to begin is tough when online resources can leave some homeowners or businesses a bit overwhelmed.

Popular Landscaping Trends

So what if you couldn’t decide on a direction for your design altogether? There may be hope among some of this summer’s popular landscaping trends

  1. Immersive Gardens
  2. Low Carbon Landscapes
  3. Habitat Gardens
  4. Traditional Landscapes

In hopes of easing your decision-making process, you’ll discover that many basic landscaping designs fall under a single category as you continue to read. But all four types could fall under one category–sustainable landscaping.

Immersive Gardens

There’s nothing more curated in landscaping design that blends into the surrounding environment in a biophilic way. But depending upon where you live in the four-state area surrounding Joplin, Missouri, an immersive landscape can follow many other trendy designs.

For instance, xeriscaping is an inclusive design that looks to incorporate only native plant life into your design. So by including xeriscape in your landscape, you can trim and manage your plant life, making it a fully immersive experience.

For those living in the four-state region, we can partake in many local drought-tolerant and water-loving plants for those living in the four-state area. In addition, the varying terrain in this region of the U.S. is quite versatile.

Living in the regions of Fayetteville, Arkansas, to Joplin, Missouri, many water-loving plants are best suited for lining the edges along a swale or dry creek.

But the climate can get a bit dryer for folks living closer to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to southeastern Kansas. More drought-tolerant foliage works better as the experts predict an above-average drought season. Although, some homeowners and business owners might prefer Zeroscape rock garden or low-maintenance artificial turf.

Low Carbon Landscapes

Of course, when it comes to living in the four-state area, nothing says local like a low carbon landscape design where every plant serves a purpose. Whether planting farm-to-table herbs, vegetables, and fruits, each has a place in planting and growing locally, and what better place than one’s backyard.

Here in the four-state region, many backyard gardeners know they can nurture and cultivate almost anything in growing zones 6B to 7A, such as:

The beauty behind a low carbon landscape design is it’s all about making responsible choices to go green. In many cases, that means sourcing locally for a backyard design. Everything from outdoor furniture, fertilizers, and even local plant life. 

Habitat Gardens

That brings the conversation to the design of habitat gardens. A landscaping concept that is growing in popularity among homeowners and businesses. Many of us are more climate aware and environmentally conscious about our connectivity to nature than ever before.

This concept translates into a landscaping design that focuses on an organic appearance. A landscape naturally incorporates plant life with hardscapes without uniformed breaks in design. The method works cohesively while creating a habitat for local fauna and insects.

After all, woodland creatures have lost a lot of habitat over the last few years to drought, fires, and even urban building. So if we have to build a world for us all to live in, why not make it one where we live symbiotically with all creatures.

Traditional Landscapes

Although, if you’re big on a conventional design, you’re in luck; traditional landscapes still rank high among homeowners even by today’s standards. The choices in design are endless and can cater to one’s style without appearing ordinary.

If you prefer a defined outdoor space to entertain family and friends, it’s easy to do with metal hardscapes, water features, or perhaps recycled or reclaimed materials.

The point is that all four of these unique outside elements can meld into a traditional landscape and still keep you feeling down-to-Earth, stylish, chic, and environmentally aware, all in the comfort of a serene outdoor living space.

An outdoor area that can mimic an indoor kitchen, dining, living, and recreation space!

Landscape Installation

With that many popular landscaping design ideas, it seems impossible to make a choice. The good news is that landscaping companies can help you achieve your outdoor design goals. In addition, most companies don’t charge you for coming to your home to meet with you and your family.

Ground Up Services is one local source with over 15 years of experience in landscaping designs, founded by Jeremiah Sooter. The team of landscaping pros at Ground Up Services can help you achieve your outdoor landscaping goals at an affordable price and generally on budget. Call the team at Ground Up Services today to set up an appointment.