Fall Cleanup for Homeowners and Business Owners in the Four States

Fall Cleanup for Homeowners and Business Owners in the Four Statesfeatured image

Posted on October 10, 2022 by Jeremiah Sooter

Fall cleanup is an important time of year for many homeowners and businesses. For many municipalities in the Four States, it is part of the city ordinance for homeowners and companies to perform regular grounds maintenance and upkeep.

But when Fall rolls around, many deciduous trees in our region begin to shed leaves, cluttering up yards and parking lots from late September through November, flooding property owners with lawn care. 

Fall Cleanup Prep Time

Many of us begin to yearn for cooler days, longer nights, and lazy mornings in preparation for the winter months. To help usher that all in, it’s best to plan your Fall cleanup with a checklist of items complimented by a completion date to stay on task with your timeline.

  1. Cleaning up loose debris
  2. Remove dead or dying plants
  3. Garden and yard expansion
  4. Cover and protect cold-sensitive plants
  5. Clean and store yard tools

Cleaning Up Loose Debris

Whether a homeowner or business owner, cleanup of loose debris can mean many things to different people; unfortunately, that includes raking up Fall leaves from deciduous (seasonal) plant life.

If you plan to bag your leaves, you might have an easier time bagging the leaves if put into rows instead of piles. However, it can also be hard to get every last leaf too. So a good alternative is to run your lawn mower over those remaining leaves to shred for decomposition as a natural fertilizer.

Remove Dead Shrubs and Trees

Another popular item to slate for Fall cleanup is the removal of dead or dying shrubs and trees. While trees or bushes remain, you should plan to do light trimming and pruning after all the leaves drop.

In addition, it’s easier to trim and prune during the cooler temperatures of late Fall when the trees and shrubs are barren. Spreading Fall cleanup chores from September to early December can make it much easier for you.

Garden and Yard Expansion

Fall is a perfect time to plant new trees and Spring vegetation. That’s because the ground is still soft, and the outside ambient temperature isn’t too hot. 

You can also plant new bulbs, shrubs, and Fall annuals, like pansies, that thrive and survive during the Fall. Be sure to properly fertilize and mulch around all new and existing plant life on the property; it will encourage new plants to grow and root quickly if the ground stays moist.

Before the first frost, divide and cut back any perennials you have planted. It’s an affordable solution to expanding any yard.

Cover and Protect Cold-Sensitive Plants

It would help to consider protecting any cold-sensitive plants, like strawberries or rose bushes. You can use almost any biodegradable insulation product, like straw or hay. Various walled water options and garden fabrics also insulate those plants.

Clean and Store Yard Tools

Your last step in your Fall cleanup process will be your gardening tools. First, take a little time to hose them down to remove any residual soil, fertilizers, or other chemicals. Then lightly oil them with a linseed or vegetable oil to prevent rusting.

Need Help With Fall Cleanup

If you’re looking for help with your Fall cleanup plans this season, call the Ground Up Services team at (419) 439-1009. Their team of expert landscapers can help schedule you for Fall cleanup projects, such as:

  • Tree removal and planting
  • Light tree trimming
  • Leaf raking
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pressure washing