My Story

Jeremiah S.

As a child I remember many times helping my grandmother with her vegetable garden and flower beds around her house. This brought about my interest in landscaping and being outdoors. When I was in my teens my grandmother had some issues with a pond built many years before and it was going to need a new liner. She allowed me the opportunity to fix that pond. From their my interest kept growing. I began by working for many friends and family members over the years installing new flower beds, and cleaning and maintaining flower beds. My first job when I turned 16 was for nursery near Carthage, Missouri. Working in the greenhouse industry for about 5 years and taking agricultural classes at Franklin Technology Center in Joplin allowed me to broaden my understanding of landscaping and botany. I began my first landscaping business while in High School and have continued to this day. Every opportunity that I've had to learn something new I have taken it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will work on my project?

The only people who will work on your landscape are Ground Up Services employees. Our team members have experience and horticultural backgrounds, and we will all be familiar with your landscape needs. 

Are you insured, licensed, and bonded?

We have all necessary licenses for our area, and we carry insurance for all of our projects. We are also bonded through the city of Joplin.

Some larger construction projects require special licenses and certifications. We have trusted members of the landscaping community that we work with for those special cases.

What kind of landscaping do you do?

We can do all kinds of landscaping, but our specialty is in mixing non-native and native plants to make a landscape that meets your needs and fits the ecology of our area.


We also provide services that are both related to and non landscaping services. Find out today how we can help you.